January 22, 2009

Hemi-sync: Old Sensations, Decipher, Afterimages and Buzzing Speech

I have been listening to Wave 1 - Intro to focus 10 the past two days. I can only seem to find time now after midnight.

Old Sensations
I'm becoming more aware during the instructions given by Monroe however there are still moments where I click-out. Last night I experienced intense pressure, felt like something heavy pushing down on the top of my head and sensation in lower abdomen travelling up to upper abdomen - these have occurred before when listening to these hemi-sync audio.

During the exercise last night there was a moment, when I got deeper into relaxation I had a rather odd feeling of something in my mind. Curious, I concentrated and unravelled a thought which is now vague to me but sounded somewhat peculiar.

After the exercise last night before falling asleep random images flashed by. There was a particular image of a group of men inside an office that seemed to stay still for a bit longer.

Buzzing Speech
These past two days I've noticed a buzzing sensation around my nose and inside my head when I talk. I know it's due to the resonant tuning exercise since I've done vocal exercises before and felt the same buzzing in my speech. It is annoying as it sounds like my voice is echoing at times.

Some Things To Work On
I still have an urge to take off my earphones a few minutes before the track ends. This, I hope to resolve before moving on to the next track as I understand that it is necessary to listen to those final signals before moving on to the next exercise. Although I've been practicing late I haven't been feeling sleepy or tired at those times, the only issue is that after the exercise I get sleepy and do not feel like taking down notes on my experience until the next morning when the experience is not as fresh in my memory. So, I intend on practicing before midnight most likely at 11:00pm and possibly early morning in the weekends.

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