September 17, 2007

Astral Projection - How I got into it

My journey into the world of projecting began one day in May 2005. I was at my local library looking for the most recent book on ghosts, to my dismay I had read everything they had on ghosts. Then one book in the same section caught my eyes. It was 'Astral Projection for Beginners' by Edain McCoy. My initial reaction was that of a skeptic. I was only fascinated with ghosts because I was a skeptic. I wanted to understand why there are many people in this world who claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions and stuff of the similar nature. I wanted to know why I could not see these ghosts and others have.

I wasn't a believer in either one of these things. But it is a good healthy thing to be skeptic - because when things begin to defy your logic, your skepticism and rational reasoning the experience is most astonishing. In fact I would advise anyone interested in experiencing any kind of phenomena to begin with at least some skepticism but at the same time read the experiences of others - and try to understand them from their point of view. Sit down and wonder why many people experience these phenomenal crazy things.

Back to my story - So I decided to give the book a try, I had absolutely nothing to lose. I began my first practice on the 29th May 2005. The method I used required I relax my entire body and focus on a mental screen, using a made up imagery. I imagined this and that, nothing particularly relevant. Eventually I was napping and half way through there was a bear swinging a scientist and then the other way around - I know, my mind is full of anomalies. I was becoming lucid. Then a voice called out my name several times, it was then that I got really excited. I woke up grabbed my journal and recorded the incident.

It was since then that my skepticism began slowly dissipating. A part of me rationalized the whole experience into a form of induced hallucination or a hypnosis of the sorts. Since then I've recorded nearly all of my astral projection experiences in a little red book, today I've decided to relay my experiences right here on a blog. Why? I feel it would be such a shame not to share these experiences, the methods I've used, what I've learnt. Perhaps others can read and learn from what I have to share. But all in all it should be vastly entertaining.

What is astral projection? Many people have different definitions and theories on the phenomena. I think rather than explaining it the reader can learn more about it by clicking here.

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