September 24, 2007

My 1st conscious projection in the evening - 29th Mar 2006

From December 2005 up until March I was having difficulty projecting. I think mainly because I was starting to gain interest on other subjects like the 'Law of Attraction' and also I was starting to look more into Spirituality. In this time I learnt to meditate, learnt more about chakras and other stuff.

Then one evening I decided I want to AP. I initially felt that there was no way I was gonna project - all my previous evening projections failed miserably. Here's what happened:

False Awakening - I'm in bed, 2 of my brothers come inside the room with baby nephew. Nephew has no top on. I assumed his mother took his top off due to his fever. I carry him as he is now crying. My brothers cat jumps on my bed I scream and wake up. I then attempt to project by just going with the flow. I land on floor then head towards the window - on the the glass pane I see my hazy reflection. As soon as I get out I feel cold - the sensation was so real. I realize I never normally feel the temperature during my projections. I go back to go through the other side of my house. I fly down my street. Several cats look up at me and shoot off running scared. Never seen anyone this frightened of me - it made me scared.

I go inside a random house, into a random room. Someone is sleeping on the bed, I go closer and find it's my sister. I go inside another room and just lie down on the bed. Suddenly there's a cat that begins talking to me. I wake up before I get a chance to comprehend what was said.

I have never attempted to have a projection in the evening after this because of the noise level in my house.

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