September 17, 2007

My 1st Major breakthrough - 9th June 2005

I woke up late at night/morning, there was a celebration amongst my relatives with the good news of the birth of my healthy darling baby nephew. I went back to bed and realized that I had an excellent opportunity to try and project. I started at 6:00 am, did a light breathing method.

This method is so basic I'll explain it in 20 words - Breathe in deeply and slowly, imagine your breath as pure white light. Fill your body with the light breath. Relax.

See it's so simple - by the time it was 7:00 am I thought to myself "Am I kidding myself with this or what?". Deciding that I may never project ever! I gave up and gave in to sweet sleep.

To my suprise I found myself sucked into what I can only define as 'The Twilight Zone'. The next thing I know I'm floating about in this zone. I see a man sitting on a chair in a deep discussion with either himself or people I just could not see. Soon I'm off to a new location, somewhere on the beach, a beach house. In this beach house I'm having a threesome with people I barely know. Amidst all the fun and frolicking I get sucked out quite rudely. My body was vibrating with so much intensity I couldn't take it. My left temple begins to inflate, at this point I'm scared out of my wits.
I prayed to God, the God I never believed in. Then I become paranoid with the idea that I'm going to wake up in hospital deformed - something I believed was much worse than death. Lo and behold! I found myself lying in a hospital bed unable to move or speak. I was luckily however able to see, hear and most importantly think. I considered these to be my 3 gifts from God to whom I had just prayed for my dear life.
There were 2 doctors in blue uniform, perhaps they were even male nurses - not sure. One was sitting on the left side of the bed and the other in front of the bed. Dr. Lefty was speaking, he was greeting me and told me that they were interested in mearners. I asked telepathically 'What on earth are mearners?' to which he replied 'People like you, who are very home oriented.' I woke up relieved that it was all quite possibly just in my head.

One thing I learned from this experience is that no matter what we focus on in the astral it will manifest instantly. Clearly during this projection I manifested my fears. I experienced intense body vibration followed by my temple inflating to which I concluded that I will wake up in a hospital with some kind of illness. The whole experience was very scary yet at the same time strangely exciting like a rollercoaster ride.

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