September 24, 2007

Princess Jasmine - 16th Dec 2005

I open my eyes to the SP state. I bring my astral hands together. Something moves in the corner of my eye, I look to find someone waving at me with both arms as if to get my attention. This person looked a lot like me. I rolled off the bed and went through the window.

I'm flying now in the sky. Then I begin to swim in the sky and by swimming I find myself going higher compared to flying. It begins to get dim. Grey skies. At this point I'm losing awareness. Preventing the loss of awareness I utilize my imagination and make the sky become bright and clear. It works.

I look below and see an Arabian looking town, the movie Aladdin comes to mind. I quickly make myself land and pretend that I'm a princess but as soon as I land it becomes the end of what could have been a whole new world.

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