September 17, 2007

Travelling to Hawaii...

This experience was spontaneous, I applied zero effort. It started with a dream in which I became aware I was dreaming. I found myself in the dark, there was just black and nothing else. Some people call it 'The Void'. I then felt mild vibrations but also a new sensation I've never felt before - floating. I felt as light as a feather. I went with the flow of the sensations, then everything came to a still. There was some liquid like movement. I thought I should try to open my astral eyes while still vibrating. I did, only they were my physical eyes. This is the weirdest vision I've ever had. Now I'm only slightly far sighted but that has nothing to do with the vision I'm talking about.

My physical eyes were peering out into the physical, but my astral eyes remained open. They were both simultaneously open. I closed my physical eyes and completely focused in the astral. There was still nothing there so I visualized a blue light, instead it became a bright white light. The light began spreading out into the corners of the darkness from the centre revealing blue swirly shades. Next thing I know my vision is spinning which I actually read about. It's known as the 360 degrees vision - where you have the perspective of everything in a sphere.

Knowing what to do - yes I came fully prepared reading a plethora experiences from others I looked straight ahead and my vision was normal. A picture began emerging from the blue. It was a different version of my room. I jumped out of bed so excited. There was a clock there, displaying the time 10:30. I was getting worried that I missed my 9:00 am appointment. My cousin was in my room - I told her we're in a dream. She looked confused. I pranced around the hallway like a happy child. The doors of the other rooms were closed, I assumed everybody were sleeping.

I entered an empty room and peered out the window, at first it was day but then it was getting dark. I realized I could have more fun elsewhere. So I closed my eyes and imagined Hawaii. I opened my eyes finding I have woken up to my bedroom, quite contrary to what I imagined.

I believe I became a bit desperate to quickly get to Hawaii because of my appointment. I looked at the time, it was 8:15. Barely 9:00 am.

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