September 17, 2007

Another Rollercoaster Ride - 16th June 2005

Time: between 9:00 am - 10:00 am

I did a few breathing excercise - where you just simply focus on the in breath and the out breath. A bit like meditation. My body began vibrating mildly, but I was distracted by the noise in my house. I tried again - body vibration were more intense than the first I assumed that meant I was a lot closer to projecting. In order to avoid freaking out like in my last experience I guided myself. Telling myself to relax, breathe and remain calm wasn't as weird as I thought it to be. It helped a lot. Soon my surrounding was just pure light. A much brighter shade of white than we mere humans are accustomed to. It was nice, very pleasant. I woke up due to physical distractions.

Noise is a big factor when it comes to astral projecting - it is almost vital to the experience of projecting to be in a quiet environment unless of course you are able to block out the noise quite naturally which can take a long time to master.

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