September 20, 2007

Flying and Invading Privacy - 10th Aug 2005

Time: 6:40 am

I felt I was making some significant progress in this experience. I was next to my washing machine and I remember in reality I was doing several reality checks to see if I were dream. I looked at my hands and was expecting it to melt or look transparent but it was solid. Although it looked solid and life like I just knew I was dreaming. At that instant I decided to fly and as I flew away everything became black. This was my first time experiencing flying. I was so high. Suddenly I'm in my room rocketing upwards. I was flying a bit too fast now that I felt out of control. I think at this point I was exiting my body. I went even higher into another room. There was an old man in his bed with a much younger man by his side. Startled to see them there I woke up.

Time: 8:00 am

I was flying around in my room once again. Everything was a bit vague. I thought why not go check on my neighbours (I'm not a peeping tom, just a bit curious). I put my hands on the wall and tried to get through. And then I couldn't because I kept thinking that maybe I can't get through because I'm not expecting to see anything there, I wouldn't know what to see since I've never been there.

Upon waking up I pondered on this experience. I thought maybe there was some kind of barrier that I could not cross. Maybe there are rules up there too. But now I think that what we can or cannot do in the astral is limited by ourselves - the same concept goes for the physical dimension.

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