September 20, 2007

Flying with my neice - 18th Aug 2005

Time: 6:30 am

False Awakening - an event in which someone dreams they have awakened from sleep. This illusion of having awakened is very convincing to the person. After a false awakening, people will usually dream of performing daily morning rituals, believing they have truly awakened.

Had a false awakening. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and felt an eerie presence. I looked at the window. There stood a boy blankly staring at me. This scared me, I thought I was seeing the dead. I experience sleep paralysis (SP).
Then I literally split from my body and learn a really cool mobility skill, in fact spiderman does it alot - crawling on the walls. I go through my bedroom window to the garden. There I see my neice, I tell her to come go flying with me. She holds my hand and together we go flying. We're flying and landing on top buildings and even jumping from building to building.

I jump off a skyscraper and as I am landing I get a rushing thrill, both terrifying and exciting. Upon landing on the ground I open my eyes.

Most of my projections feel like this - I project and have the experience of being in another dimension and when I wake up I simply open my eyes and it feels as if I had not slept during my time of projecting. Its a lot like blinking.

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