September 17, 2007

A Failed Projection - 25th June 2005

Time: around 7:00 am

I was quite ill on this day, suffereing from hay fever. Feeling sticky and gross from the hot weather I had a feeling I won't succeed in projecting. But I tried. Felt body vibrations which did not last long, very groggy I went back to sleep. I find it's hard to project during very uncomfortable conditions. Especially when the temperature is beyond your control. This shouldn't let anyone be discouraged. You can always become the master of these conditions if you get yourself an AC.

Here's a summary of all the symptoms I experienced during projection:

Sleep Paralysis - a condition characterized by temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis) or, less often, shortly before falling asleep (known as hypnagogic paralysis). This is actually very common for anyone trying to project and should not be feared. I find that at times like this it's best to guide yourself to stay calm and feed yourself with positive thoughts. By doing this you will most likely end up having a positive experience.

Body Vibrations - this ranges from mild to intense. Your body feels like it's vibrating, sometimes it could feel like a current running through you. It's easy to get scared when you get this. The best thing I learned is to go with the flow. At times they can even feel good.

Floating or Swaying - this feels like you are as light as a feather and feels really pleasant.

360 degrees Astral Vision - A perspective of the whole picture. Initially it feels like you are spinning. My take on this is that what's happening is you are seeing everything simultaneously and because we on a physical level are not accustomed to this kind of vision it appears as if we are spinning.

Feeling a presence nearby - sometimes I've felt people rather than see them. Eventually what happens is if you focus on the presence someone just might appear. Like my two friendly doctors, initially I felt their presence until they appeared.

Unusual sounds - like 'kha' or even more frightening hearing yourself snore.

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