September 17, 2007

Hearing myself snore - 23rd June 2005

Time: around 7:00 am

I focused on my breathing and through out many of my attempts to project this is the main technique I would apply. Simply because it's a lot easier to focus on one easy method rather than frustrating over so many that won't even work. My advice - try out as many method as you possibly can bare until you find one that works and use that until of course it no longer works.

Never felt any vibrations. I felt more floating and swaying than anything. I looked up and saw my light which was an old one I had previously unlike the modern fitting I have now. I heard a weird sound 'kha'. I wondered where it came from and lost focus.

Very persistent I went back - felt the floating and swaying again. I looked up at my light again and it was a chandelier compared to my modern one. I thought it looked like an upside down cake with candles sticking out. Then I heard myself snore which by my own definition is quite incomparably the scariest sound I've ever heard. I thought my physical body was dying. I began repressing this fear of my snoring by entering a dream in which I'm sharing a delicious cake with some relatives. I think it was my birthday party :-)

I woke up with an insatiable hunger, something to do with the cake I believe.

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