September 17, 2007

The thing about excitement - 8th August 2005

Time: around 6:00 am

I affirmed to myself that I will project. Eventually falling into that 'zone' I felt the vibrations and got interrupted out of it. I woke finding myself sleeping on my side I turned around lying down on my back. Sleep paralysis kicked in super fast. Did same affirming as before - body vibration more intense. I was floating upwards but being so excited I opened my eyes quickly and snapped out of it.

The thing about excitement is that it's so hard to let go of. Even to this day I still get excited projecting.

Time: 8:00 am

Fell asleep again became aware of body vibrations. I decided to get over the excitement and just go with the flow. The key was to remain passive. I began seeing shapes which were vague at first but eventually became clearer. It looked like futuristic writings of some sort. I snapped out.

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