September 20, 2007

25th Sept 2005

Time: 7:00 am

For several days I had been practicing meditation and since had many spontaneous projections.

From SP I became conscious. Initially everything was blurry. My wall was covered in old fashioned wallpaper. With a bit of struggle I exited my body. I imagined long poles on the corners of my bed and swung off them. Somehow I snapped back in my body. Still in a trance I tried it again. Getting out was a lot smoother. I end up in my hallway it was like always, a different version of it. Unable to find the stairs I was getting frustrated.

I flew downstairs into a room where there was a bed. I pulled off the duvet cover and snapped back into my body. Again I exited and looked at my hands, it was quite blurry but the tips were crystal clear. I didn't last long here and just simply fell asleep.

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