December 27, 2007

Projecting via dreams

Last night I tried the noticing exercise and ended up fidgeting to sleep. I also affirmed that I will connect to my inner being. Had a dream where I was in a large living room with some of my family members. I was sitting close to them and noticed how vivid and alive my dream was. When I moved away to explore they seemed to fade away. I walked a few steps away from my house and suddenly realized I forgot something and headed back. Was lost coz my house was no longer there. At that point I think I lost consciousness. Then there was just me spinning in the darkness with a high level of awareness. I quickly began affirming to connect to my inner being. I don't remember much after that.

I will continue with the affirmation I'm using at the moment which I got from Abraham-Hicks recordings.

"I recognize that I am more than this physical being that I see here in this magnificent physical body. There is another part of me. A broader, wiser, wiser because it is broader certainly an older part of me. I seek communication with that perspective".

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