December 21, 2007

astral phase - distorted reality

I tried so many different techniques to go to sleep after waking at 5:00 am. Eventually I used the astral phasing technique of just noticing stuff behind my closed eyelids. I got to the point where I saw a misty cloud and then a flash. I ended up in a bedroom that looked like it belonged to a boy. The theme of the room was Blue. It looked like it was still dark outside. Then I noticed a sword to my left. It was bright and the blade seemed to have sort of sandy stripes. Throughout this whole experience this sword was in my view in the same place.

Somehow I was speeding into a tunnel made up of raw flesh. Looked like reversed skin, reminds me of juba juba's belly in the zelda game. At first it was fun going through the tunnel without moving myself, felt like a joy ride but then it wouldn't stop and felt like forever. I got so bored I ended up thinking to myself. I thought of all the things I would like to intend perhaps repeat some affirmations.

Then through all this clutter of thoughts I heard a thought that didn't seem to belong to me. It asked 'Can you hear me?' at which point I was just thrilled. I asked who it was but there was no response. Then my eyes opened wide and what I thought was a sword was my blinds on the window.

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