January 1, 2008

New Years Day Projection

Started at 6:00 am just closing my eyes and watching my breathing. There was suddenly some movement, I was spinning slowly which is very common. Ended up outside where I was viewing a building with lots of windows. Somehow I was in a market place hovering above a crowd of people. I asked one man his name, he turned to look at me for a brief moment and then walked away, RUDE! I then asked a woman her name she responded in the same manner. The whole way throughout my right ear was buzzing annoyingly. I came back to reality and then back to astral - couldn't take the buzzing sensation. The second time it was just dark but then my window came into view. At that moment I was wondering if I was communicating with my inner being or if I was actually being my inner being since recently I have been affirming to communicate with my inner being. As I looked through the window my vision zoomed out until I completely zoomed out of focus and everything became black. I heard a few mumblings about frequency. They - the voices - said something about the lowness and the highness of these frequencies. Before my eyes there was an image of frequency waves followed by loss of consciousness.

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