January 15, 2008

Acknowledging Inner Being

I woke up at 7:00 am and attempted projection using the countdown method. First I counted back from 100 and it was having no effect. Then I counted backwards from 50 and still nothing, so I decided to turn over in a comfortable position instead of lying on my back. The more comfortable I was the more sleepy I felt. I suddenly became conscious and realized I was lying on my back. I was in the sleep paralysis stage and started feeling paranoid about my breathing as my duvet covered my nose. With some strength I adjusted my head and soon felt mild vibrations.

Same as usual I was spinning. It was dark and my eyes were closed. I kept them sealed so as to not end up waking up to the physical reality. Soon I was wondering why I had not entered the astral yet all the while not noticing that I was in fact in my garden walking down a yellow pathway.

When I recognized that I was projecting my astral body or consciousness was catapulted into the air onto my neighbours window. I peeped inside. There were two single beds with traditional headboards, the room was traditional. I was amazed that I could see this since before I tried and failed. I looked up into the sky and bounced up to my neighbours roof. Had no control over where I was going or what I was doing.

I was now on a road and was looking out from what may be perceived as a car only there was no car, just a pair of eyes. I was looking at a girl who looked like my younger sister, she was pushing a cart full of stuff. Behind her was a jeep with policemen. They were Indian policemen and the jeep is the kind of vehicle used by policemen in India. Nobody noticed me. I glided along a beautiful green field, the grass was a luminous vibrant green. Everything, the sky, the grass the people looked crystal clear. The field was surrounded with more Indian police force. There was a body of a young girl on the fields. I guessed it was an accident.

I moved away from this scene just free-flowing to the never ending vastness of the field. There were mountains surrounded by more nature. It was a beautiful scene but I wanted to add some of my intentional creativity to the experience. I was visualizing but none of it was in my immediate view.

I knew I was slowly waking up to reality, I was back in my body feeling the vibrations again. I relaxed and expected to project again but then both my arms began to move involuntarily. They were being lifted up and down several times. I became excited and realized it was my inner being. As soon as I acknowledged it was my inner being there was an intense sensation at the very core of my being that felt like beautiful ecstasy. In that moment I felt a lifetimes worth of bliss.

I woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and full of energy.

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