January 26, 2008

The Astral Park

For a few days prior to this projection I've been working on my third eye chakra. Simply being aware of the pressure at the centre of my forehead. Last night I had the worst headache, it felt like my brain was trying to squeeze itself out. Headaches are not very common for me. However this kind of headache is common when I attempt activating the third eye after a really long time of practice and thankfully does not last long.

Why do I bother with activating my third eye chakra? It actually helps induce projections and raises a higher level of awareness. I also believe it helps projections last longer.

Here's the result of my effort:

I'm suddenly aware that I'm gliding backwards. There is a visible ray of light in the sky. It is day time and I notice I'm in a very grand park. There are all sorts of people in groups in different areas of the park. The park was mostly covered in concrete with some areas covered in grass. I watch the people as I glide by. Some notice me, some smiled at me and others went about their own business. I remember seeing monks and then there were two large Buddha statues. Initially I thought they were statues until they started moving and looking up at me.

I sense there are two men behind me. I quickly come to a halt and face them. They seem extremely vexed as they hold onto a strange looking weapon which is vague to me now. I could tell they were ready to attack me. I telepathically say to them 'Come get me if you can'. They charge at me and as they do I speed past them to the side they were first standing. They charge again, my next move is shooting up in the air about 7 ft above them. At that moment I realized I'm invincible, that even if they attacked me with their strange looking weapon it wouldn't have hurt a bit. I even felt that physically I was invincible. They were looking up at me confused. I tried to look at myself and realized that I didn't have a body, instead I was made up of a bright blue light. I think acknowledging that my physical body was not there made me lose consciousness although I was not worried.

I went on having several vivid dreams.

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ACID said...

I have seen this place too or someplace like it, but I was in an area where there are no people hanging around. I was there with my wife and one of our dogs (both living) and another one of our dogs that had died recently. I saw a tree so immense that I do not remember seeing the top, and we moved through the flowing grass without touching it. We moved as blurs as well, so fast it was hard to imagine. I travel often when asleep but it's like I am not "allowed" to remember the events. I was allowed to remember our dog though, I think as consolation, and a hint of things to come.