January 2, 2012

2012 Blog Intentions

So 2012 Blog Intentions in short:

Law of Attraction

The Long Version

2012 is all about improving health which will be accompanied by detoxing. The only reason health is paramount right now is because I can't be distracted with a broken vehicle. The kundalini energy has made it very evident that changes will be made to physical body and my obsession with health stems from wanting to support this process.

Another very important change to make in 2012 is releasing myself from all relationships that I feel are not right for me.

This means making specific list of each relationship I have that I feel I need taken out of my life and I can say right now without a doubt that all the relationships I have right now are toxic to some degree. Some more than others. Last year I felt a particular negative tie to a toxic relationship severe almost completely - it's still there but not so much and wow what a relief that was and it took an entire wave of negative incidents for it to occur. So I know I can't take a completely fast path and let a natural path unfold in its own sweet time. I think the reason why those really tough events unfolded was simply because I was getting so desperate and all those bottled emotion were spilling out all at once manifesting crazy things.

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