April 21, 2009

Time Travel

Had an interesting experience this morning which I'll label as a 'dream' only because I'm not sure if I really had traveled through time. In this dream I suddenly became conscious though I was not aware of what eventuated prior to becoming lucid. It was more like waking up, expecting to be in your bed only you find yourself in some unknown place which I know sounds a bit like spontaneous APs / OBEs unlike the average conscious APs / OBEs. Initially I was in shock but then I absorbed my surrounding and having had seen nothing like this place before I was in absolute awe as well as confused. Right now the structures of this place is rather hazy since it's no longer as fresh in my mind. Even if I tried describing it I think I'd have a hard time trying to find the right words.

I soon had a feeling that I was not only in some other place, but in a completely different time. I noticed a group of people and approached a gentleman. I asked him what year it was speedily in fear of losing consciousness, a question that was burning within me. I received a sort of visual impression of the digits 2900. This seemed to confuse me more so I tried approaching another person before I could ask I instantly woke up at 6:00am.

A few minutes later fell asleep again and had more unusual experiences that were a cross between dream states and APs, some I can recall partially.

I haven't ever given time traveling much thought, but it seems I have the common belief ingrained in me that time travelling is possible only in movies or books, the fantasy world. I know the irony in that is extreme considering this is an astral projection journal, but then again how many people who have experienced APs and OBEs believe they can physically fly?

Having direct experience with Astral Projection has opened up my mind a lot to possibilities I would have once considered far-fetched. I think it's time to open up my mind just a little a bit more.

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