April 30, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

In the past week I've skipped a few days of practicing getting into Focus 12 but this really hasn't hindered any progress. Yesterday I listened to 'Introduction to Focus 12' and again I felt like I was moving into Focus 10 with ease where I suddenly became aware of my right arm (physical) moving outwards to the right and as soon as I became aware of this my arm remained immobile. Then the same thing happened to my left arm moving outwards to the left. Though I haven't experienced these IBM's for a while now I managed to focus moving deeper into F10. My breathing pattern changed drastically - it seemed to have a life of it's own and with more practice this is becoming more pronounced. I gradually lost awareness of my body until my nose and the back of my neck was getting itchy - the urge was so strong I ended the session early.

I felt like there was something I missed in the earlier exercises so I decided to listen to Wave I - 'Advanced Focus 10'. Once I got to the REBAL part of the exercise the process seemed so unnecessarily long now that I'm getting accustomed to using the shortcut. Although my main objective is to move to F12 I know it will be a lot easier if I could get deeper into F10.
I will be listening to Wave I - 'Exploration, Sleep' and 'Free Flow 10' from time to time to get even more used to creating the REBAL and moving to Focus 10 the easy way.

Another thing I've noticed is my opportunity to AP has increased in the past few weeks - I will often wake up around 4am usually due to dreams with intense stressors. It's become easier to wake up at these times, the hard part is staying awake for at least an hour in order to induce an AP.

My dreams are changing, evolving in a sense or perhaps I'm becoming aware enough to notice the nuances to a greater degree so much that writing them down is becoming quite a challenge.

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