April 25, 2009

Spotting The Difference & Not My Average Dreams

Time: 6:20am
Technique: WBTB at 3:15 am (slowly began writing down all recalled dreams), Affirmation
Mood: Calm & Relaxed
Duration: 20 mins
Symptoms: High Pitch sound and sensation, floating
Goals: None

Experience: In a relaxed state became conscious of oncoming high pitch sound. Moved my head physically - just a little until I thought any physical movement at this point will stop me from projecting. I remained still and let the intensity take over. After a few seconds I was floating up and spun across the room to my window at which point I was able to perceive various items that belonged in my room clearly. I took notice of the lighting - it was dim. I remembered before the projection the sun had come out and it was a lot brighter outside.

There was the usual sinking sensation as I headed out the window. With a lack of vision all I could perceive was darkness. Had the feeling that my eyes were trying to blink, so I focused on them remaining open despite seeing nothing but black. I could feel the mattress beneath me - I was back in bed. My duvet covers had long thicker blue stripes than the ones in reality. I looked from a side view at two sofas that do not belong there - my room was certainly not big enough for two sofas to fit in that space. I could feel my eyes were about to blink and within a flash I woke up with my position on the same side.

The time read 6:40am, I fell asleep and had two memorable vivid dreams where I was becoming lucid in two very stressful situations. These dreams were the highlight of my experience this morning. Both dreams involved a female protagonist. In one dream the DC is given the opportunity to rescue a man, in the second dream the same man betrays her and she must rescue herself. There was a stressful element halfway in each dream where my awareness was heightened to the point of lucidity. I was perceiving through the female protagonist. The emotions were so overwhelming I felt as though I was experiencing them for the first time. Fortunately my consciousness was withdrawing within a few seconds. I've recorded the dreams in my dream diary - they are so filled with detail it was like a whole lifetime but I could mostly remember the most vital moments. I might relay them here another time.

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