April 9, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

Here are some of the results listening to 'Intro to Focus 12' in the last 10 days:

  • In one session I became more aware of the Focus 10 state - body numbness and an incredible sense of my breathing which seemed to operate without any control on my part. When I tried changing the breathing pattern it felt like a struggle as if my breathing had a life of its own. I was fascinated with the way my breathing functions without me or any conscious effort on my part.
  • Intense pressure and energetic sensation in head during listening.
  • I've had migraines for a few days which are more likely due to stress, these migraines lasted for very brief moments. I can't remember ever having migraines before, I rarely ever get a headache.
  • Tremors in right cheek - actually muscle vibration would be more accurate. These aren't so visible, just the sensation is more noticeable. These lasted several minutes at a time for a few days. I had a feeling the hemi-sync audio was causing it so I decided to skip one session. The following day no tremors were present. I continued last night and felt the tremor/vibration in right cheek, it was a lot more subtle.


David Mathis said...

That's interesting. Especially the breathing part. Next time you reach that state where you notice your breathing but you have no control over it can you test something for me?

Imagine energy flowing into your body and see what happens.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Jasmine said...

I will certainly try that and report back the outcome.