April 14, 2009

Wave II - Threshold #2, Problem Solving

I moved on to track 'Problem Solving' late last night / early morning 3:00am. I did not feel sleepy at all mostly because I was in a really good mood.

The exercise offered in this track involves placing a question or problem in the center of your consciousness. The next step is to direct it outwards, release it and wait for a response.

My question that I wanted to ask was 'What is my purpose in this life?'. By purpose I don't mean my career, I guess the heart of my question is to find out the reason for my existence. I noted this down before getting into the exercise to help clarify my intention during practice.

After the resonant tuning I began losing consciousness and fell asleep. Woke up at 8:00am - my arms felt like they were pumped with helium and raised up slightly but at the same time they also felt heavy. I began bringing my arms down with a little force. Suddenly I felt lightheaded followed by a burst of joy filled emotion just erupting within me. I began smiling and giggling - this came so naturally, no conscious control much like how breathing functions naturally. I had no idea why I was giggling it just came with the emotion.

Soon I could hear my mind singing a hindi song from the old bollywood movie 'Yaarana'. Did a search with the lyrics to find the movie title since I don't recall watching this movie but most likely did when I was a child. The song was 'Sara Zamana' and only one particular line kept repeating continuously which was 'Sara zamana, hasinon ka deewana'. I think the translation for this is 'The whole world is crazy for pretty girls'. Well, I have no idea if there is some meaning in this song that relates to my question, will need to translate whole song which will take time since my Hindi is limited.

According to the Wave II booklet the answers or solutions do not have to necessarily come during the excerise, they can reveal themselves after the excercise in a very normal waking state. These can come in the form of songs, conversation with others, passages in books, synchronicities and many other ways.

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