April 22, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

I've gone back to the first track of Wave II, 'Introduction to Focus 12'. I don't think I'm ready for 'Problem Solving' - need to improve my ability to get to the Focus 12 state. Since I've moved on to 'Wave II - Threshold' my ability to get into the Focus 10 state has improved and I'm recognizing more and more the feeling of reduced sensory perception usually leaving only an enhanced awareness of my breathing pattern which is deep and slow. I realize this state is similar to some of my meditation experiences. I haven't been meditating for a while now and I might not start up again until I've made some progress with Hemi-Sync.

During one session listening to 'Introduction to Focus 12' I imagined energy flowing into my body while in Focus 10 as recently suggested in a comment to another post. Nothing happened or I was simply not aware of any change but I'm just learning to get in a deeper Focus 10 state and will try this again.

As for the Focus 12 state I have experienced subtle instances where I would became aware of images in my mind. These would last for a few seconds and somehow I just click-out until the audio signals back to C-1.

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