May 24, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

This week I haven't bothered practicing any Hemi-sync exercises. However, in the last few sessions I've experienced a lot of chakra sensations.

7 Chakra Sensations
In one session I felt so tense but I didn't want to give up quickly and decided not to bother so much with the instructions. I listened to 'Intro to Focus 12' rather aimlessly. Eventually, at some point where Monroe counts up to Focus 12 I felt a tingling sensation on my neck and immediately recognized it as my throat chakra. This sensation was followed by a cramp at my base/root chakra. Then I felt a heavy weight on my chest and had the impression that my heart had stopped beating. This was followed by the a pulsing sensation in my sacral chakra a sensation that was moving up into my solar plexus where the sensation intensified. Soon I felt the familiar third eye chakra pressure followed by a heavy weight crushing on the crown of my head. The sensations disappeared soon after and now I experience the chakras randomly at different intervals of the day. Since then I've practiced balancing my chakras using meditations devised for this particular purpose - I have to admit I'm not practicing consistently because it just feels like such a chore.

Threshold #2 - Problem Solving
I had a few issues with the exercise in this track of 'Problem Solving'. While practicing I didn't have the level of trust that is involved in receiving answers simply because my questions were so big that I just couldn't see how the answers would present themselves. Eventually I felt inspired to write down the questions and take a crack at answering them myself - the result was astonishing! This method has reached a point now where I ask a question and I receive mental impressions that I'm able to somehow translate into words - a sharp sense of knowing. As I continue to use this method of writing down my questions and letting the answers flow I am building more trust in the process. I don't feel it's necessary to use the 'Problem Solving' exercise anymore unless I feel inspired to do so.

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