May 24, 2009

Threshold #3 - One Month Patterning

The purpose of this track is to use the energy of Focus 12 to speed up the process of manifesting your desires based on the principle that we become what we think.

I've manifested a number of things since expanding my understanding on the Law of Attraction, but I've never really attempted using a deep state of focus to set intentions for the purpose of manifesting so this should be interesting. I haven't really manifested anything significant with great speed although the things that I've manifested within a 5 minute time frame were things that I didn't really have much resistance about. It seems there is some importance with being detached with your desire. I don't mean detachment in the sense that you no longer want what you desire but in the sense that you aren't so attached to it that you're clinging to it.

I never put a time frame on what I desire to manifest because I haven't developed enough confidence in this process to do so just yet. It seems easier to allow it to unfold in its own time. I will start with this track from today.


B. said...


It's nice to find people who are listening and experiment with Hemi-Sync. I'm listening it from time to time and I want to listen to it at more regular intervals ;)

I'm curious whether Rebirthing and "Hemi Sync - Release and recharge" are simmilar... <- that's how I've found your blog - querying google for "h-s release and recharge"...

I'm waiting for more news :)

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

I am like you- this stuff kind of works but I fall asleep with it -- are there any blogs of this really really working going gang busters?