May 4, 2009

Drill #2

Experience #2: After previous experience I felt like I needed some more sleep, I shifted on my left side and with closed eyes immediately viewed what appeared to look like a monitor screen. On this screen I viewed another room. There was an open door and a young woman walked through the doorway, followed by another and then another until there was a straight line of women walking through. I noticed they were all identical. I wasn't interested in attempting any more APs - I really needed some extra sleep so I shifted my position on my right side and immediately felt an impact on the crown of my head.

There was a loud drilling sound, my head and face buzzed profusely. Just like in the 'Drill' experience I had the perception of someone or something working on me. I slowly opened my eyes and it was apparent that I was still in my room and no doubt very able to move physically. I thought this might be my cue to AP once again so I shifted my position about until I felt comfortable and waited. The drilling sound, my head and face buzzing continued for quite some time until at about 8:15am I lost my patience and opened my eyes. The sound and sensation ended after a few seconds.

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Liara Covert said...

Sometimes when you try too hard or focus too intently on something, the universe responds with a signal. You learn certain things cannot be forced. Patience is still.