October 19, 2008

Strip & Drill

I had two very distinct experiences this morning. Before I get into that I'd like to share an experience I had on Friday night. I had listened to the first track 'centered calm' of Hemi-Sync 'Opening the Heart' Series and finished it after 20 minutes as I felt quite sleepy. When I did turn in to sleep I began making a list in my head of all the things to do over the weekend. 6 random thoughts entered my head. I know these thoughts did not belong to me as they were completely unrelated. The last thought creeped me out - it sounded like a witch saying 'I'm going to get you'.

Now back to this morning - I woke up at around 4:30am and found it difficult to go back to sleep. I put on my earphones and listened to some music and Abraham-Hicks stuff. By 6:15am I drifted off to sleep, had a lucid dream and somehow found myself back in bed and heard the resonant tuning long 'ah' sound from the hemi-sync audio knowing that I was in the process of projecting.

I noticed that the covers were missing (I thought it fell on the floor). I also noticed my left hand was placed on a particularly private body part. My hand moved up to my abdomen and I seemed to have no control. However, slowly I began to regain some control, moved both my arms about. When I moved them it felt as though there was a powerful magnet at my center and this force was pulling my arms towards it. The control of my arms were taken over once again by some invisible force. My left arm slightly slanted upwards aiming the palm of my hand on my abdomen. It was bouncing and moving in circular motions. Then my right arm joined in. It was almost exactly like the Energy Work experience only this time I at least gained partial control. Suddenly I felt high and took back control over my arms, waving them about and really enjoying the magnetic pulling sensation.

My body was spinning anticlockwise - halfway on the other side of my room I saw a double bed that did not belong there. I was sinking towards the floor next to this bed (usually in my experience sinking means I'm about to lose consciousness). I was now in the 'void'. I remained conscious and nothing happened until once again I was back in my bed without the covers. Then the scariest thing happened, my pyjama top was moving. I looked closely and it seemed something or someone invisible was stripping my clothes. Panic set in and immediately I fought back. Woke up at 6:45am, back in bed this time with the covers on and fully clothed.

I realise that I was afraid when this took place because I was able to feel my clothes on my skin - I still had my physical senses plus the fact that I was in my bedroom made the experience feel all too physical. I know my fear is getting in the way of me moving on and further developing some astral control. I had a long and hard think about this. I affirmed that next time I have a scary experience I'm going to put my fear aside and face the unknown. This reflects in the following experience.

I fell asleep again at 8:00. Had a very vivid dream where I was playing a game with a group of people. Woke up from this dream still feeling tired I immediately conked out again and instantly heard a sound. Nothing was visible but I sensed a presence next to me. The sound grew louder and then I felt some impact on my head. I knew without a doubt that it was some kind of machinery. I guessed it was a drill. I felt it deepening getting through my skull. My head and face was buzzing. This might come as a surprise but there was absolutely no fear present. I got the idea that someone was working on me and I just allowed it, I suspected I didn't really have a choice in the matter. I opened my eyes halfway - my bedroom visible, nobody around and head was still buzzing, I was also able to still hear the drilling sound. Closed my eyes and just let it work until 5 minutes later I thought it was enough and got up at exactly 9:00am.

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Leilah said...

Wow. The Drill part is REALLY interesting to me. I actually had an experience last year, I think around May? which was basically exactly how you described. Felt a presence to my right, working on me somehow with a drill going through my ear/skull. It was buzzing and vibrating and was a bit uncomfortable actually but I couldn't really stop this presence. I got the feeling this was something that had to be done. Crazy.