October 24, 2008

The Lucid Chase

A lucid dream I had this morning:

I'm in my house, which looks completely different except for the structure. I see a man in the living room speaking to a boy, he looks about 10 years old. He tells the boy to stay put and looks around the house in a very detective like manner. I get the impression that he is protecting the boy. I get a view of a car parked outside. There are four men inside this car, each wearing bluetooth headsets and looking very Federal.

The Detective guy re-enters the living room only to find the boy has vanished. The car outside speeds off. Detective runs after the car and is in the middle of the road obstructing other vehicles. He looks for a car and in front of him sees a commuter that begins to wobble like jelly. Up until this point I was aware of the dream, here I become fully lucid.

I was a bit confused about what to do next so I assumed the role of my DC. I thought of several vehicles - none were to my taste until I thought of a motorcycle which instantly appeared. I hopped on and instead of going after the people who took the boy I was enjoying the flow of high speed motion. What an exhilarating ride!

I flashed out of consciousness from this scene into another scene where boy is in car trying to escape. Somehow he does and my consciousness flashes back to my main DC - the Detective. I knew where to find the boy but I wasn't heading in any particular direction - just straight ahead. The boy was now on the road, covered in mud, and heads in my direction. He gets on the bike and off we go, seeking escape from the car that was not too far behind us.

We ended up in some sort of tunnel, the boy needed to take a pee. After a long few minutes I heard a car coming through the tunnel and told the boy to get moving. I rode off only to be cornered by several vehicles. Surrounded by the DCs I was running away from I began to panic and froze feeling some anxiety. I looked at all my DCs who were running towards me and a thought crossed my mind - 'This is my dream, I decide what happens next.'

Suddenly the entire dream scene looked like it was being sucked in by a vacuum. I lost consciousness, ended up having several FAs. In the first FA I was reminiscing this cool LD I had.

This is the longest spontaneous LD I've had so far, it was so much fun despite the final moments of anxiety. I know it was just a dream but the vividness made everything appear so real.

I believe what helped make the LD last longer was playing along with it rather than trying to manipulate it.

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