October 1, 2008

Mind Awake/ Body Asleep Via Meditation

I meditated this evening at exactly 7:00pm. For the first 5 minutes I breathed deeply, then I followed the flow of my natural breathing. Pressure feeling on my left temple. I felt like I blanked out for a long time when suddenly I became aware of a heavy breathing sound. My body had fallen asleep. I felt quite light in this state. I'm not sure if my body was paralysed and did not want to check in case I lost this awareness, but I couldn't really sense my body. I felt though that if I wanted I could've snapped out effortlessly. I continued focusing on the breathing and for the first time I was just so fascinated by the way my breathing operates all by itself.

I continued focusing on the breathing which became soft and then heavy again. I was unable to hear any other external noise. All I could hear was my breathing - I think my other senses had shut down. I was waiting to see what happens next, it was still dark and the noise was still present. It felt like a really long time until I decided to ask to meet my spirit guide. A few more minutes of waiting I ended the session checked the time, I had been in this sleep like state for 3 minutes. It actually felt longer than that, about 20 minutes.

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