October 25, 2008

The Window

Woke up at 6:50am and tried falling asleep again at 8:30am. When I couldn't sleep I felt frustrated and tried to just focus on my breathing. Soon I felt the onset of vibrations in my head followed by that annoying buzz, in both my ears this time. After the vibrations I thought I had woken up until I looked at the window across my bed which was not meant to be there. Everything was dark except for the glowing window. I concentrated on this window in order to keep myself conscious.

Suddenly I was walking to the front room but couldn't recall getting up. Tried putting my hands through the wall but it was as solid as the walls in reality. I blacked out.

Again I was looking across the room at the glowing window. There is nothing visible through this window except an intense bright golden light. The window appeared like this several times in between the FAs I had.

Towards the end I am sitting next to another person on the computer - he is uploading something to his brain. There was also a computer in front of me and I got a telepathic signal that it was my turn. I cautiously stared at it - can't remember what was on the screen but I began to have a seizure like experience and ended up having a very vivid dream where kids and teenagers were protesting against a type of voting system.

As I was waking up heard several voices - can't recall what was said but just before I opened my eyes I clearly remember a female voice calling out my name and telling me to wake up.

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