September 19, 2008

Energy Work

Last night I woke up at 12:30 am finding it difficult to go back to sleep. I read through some of my Abraham-Hicks material and listened to some workshops which were very uplifting. After about an hour I began to feel really good for no particular reason and simply found myself in a state of bliss. I realised getting high on positive emotions wasn't exactly helping me fall asleep, but, I would much rather get high than fall into a slumber.

The positive buzz continued for a while until 3:00am when I felt somewhat ready for sleep. Drifting off, I consciously told myself that I will become more aware of my dreams.

I realised I was in a dream, watching a scene from the TV show Ghost Whisperer. Melinda Gordon, the main character, sat at a table in a quiet restaurant and it seemed at first that she was alone until the ghostly form of a young boy appeared. She lighted in her usual cheery disposition and I knew when the young boy disappeared she had helped him cross over. She moved on to the next table where she stared intently at the chair across from her. There was nothing to be seen except for an empty chair. I wondered what it was. Looking at the expression on her face it seemed she too was oblivious and yet there was a mixture of curiosity, confusion and shock present in her expression.

Being as curious as my DC I zoomed in to the chair. I wonder now, why I never started a conversation with my DC. I need to make a note of at least saying a simple 'hi' next time.

As I focused on the chair I found myself, instantaneously, in my bed, awake and almost completely paralysed. I felt my left arm rise up above my belly with my palm faced down. It was just hanging in the air without my control and each time I tried bringing it back down I felt a very powerful magnetic pull and eventually gave up. Tried getting up which was also difficult. I noticed my arm moving in a circular motion. Suddenly, my right arm lifted up on my side and I had absolutely no control whatsoever. Thinking I was being possessed by a negative force sent me straight into a state of fear. I managed to discard this conclusion, realising it was based on my fearful reaction. It was time for some observations without the clutter of irrational thoughts.

My arm continued to move in the same circular motion for a long time and I managed to remain calm. Eventually, I felt a sensation in my belly, it felt like the movement of energy swirling around. I thought what was occurring was a form of energy work and perhaps it occurs every time in the sleep state without my conscious participation. The idea of energy work just clicked with me.

After this I began having many, very vivid FAs and in between these FAs I would find myself in bed floating out of my body. I noticed that when I floated out, my body would eventually sink and I would find myself in the void. This occurred repetitively.

During one notable FA, I was in the middle of searching for my shoes. I began wearing it only my feet would not go in as if they had grown much larger or my shoes had shrunk. Realising how ridiculous this sounded I got the feeling that I was in a dream state. I looked around; it was too dark for me to see anything clearly. I leaned my hand on something and had a visual of a bed post in my mind. I looked down at where my hand covered a solid part of the same bed. Anything so solid leaves me in doubt, so I began wondering if I was sleep walking and slowly waking up in the process. I have a similar bed in a spare room, so all evidence was pointing towards sleep walk. I have a tendency to make this check because as a young child I did often sleep walk, or so I’ve been told. Once as a teenager, while in a sleep state I grabbed my duvet, got up and started waltzing around with my duvet, much to the amusement of my family members.

Anyways, at some point, some time between the FAs, I was stuck in my bed or perhaps it was my body. I was able to see my room although it was somewhat dark. I noticed a frilly curtain over my blinds which did not belong there. Then my drawer, across the room on the right hand side, vanished and just as quickly, reappeared. This went on for what seemed like an eternity, seeing flashes of my bedroom furniture. Bored, I decided to try and make other things appear. I visualized a palm tree and was able to see faint outlines, only it did not completely manifest. There was really no level of control on my part. Looking back now, I should have asked for assistance.

I patiently waited, hoping that I can explore beyond these altered states of consciousness. I then felt the oncoming of a static sound and braced myself for I knew what was to follow. It started off faint, almost inaudible until it grew in intensity and loudness. Then there was that horrible vibration in my right ear that I dreaded, as if something big was squeezing out due to the sound. I felt quite squeamish and struggled to wake up until eventually, I shot upwards, opened my eyes and woke up at 4:20am.

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