September 11, 2008

Day 11 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Meditated early morning, although I was still a bit groggy. Entered SP state, while in this state I sensed a presence at one side of my room. From the corner of my eyes I was able to see the shape of a person sitting down. I did not panic, instead I tried to see if I could somehow get out. I moved my fingers and snapped out, wide awake.

Meditated a second time in the evening. During this session within a few minutes my right arm raised up and flopped back down. I think I became aware of my body falling asleep, noticed changes in my breathing which became much slower. Eventually I began gasping for air in fear that I had stopped breathing. I ended the session after 10 minutes and decided to try it again. This time I felt some very pleasant fuzzy sensations in my head. This meditation lasted 20 minutes, I think I could've gone deeper but was interrupted by the phone ringing. When I got up the sensations were present for a few minutes.

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