September 6, 2008

Lucid Factory

I figured that I had this lucid dream sometime after the 'Faceless Spirit Guide' experience.

I'm in an elevator with a few other people. I notice a man standing right in front of me and smiling. Then I notice that every other person (about 5 more) are staring at me with a large grin on their face. I realize I'm dreaming, with some excitement I smile back. I begin to speak, and tell each of these dream characters that if this is a dream I will make each of them disappear. I started by obliterating the first person I noticed with a simple desire for him to disappear.

Then I made the rest disappear almost at once. I had an urge to explore the building I was in. I got closer to the elevator doors and noticed a gap somewhere on the side. I thought it would be wise to take a peep through this gap so as to prevent any kind of shocking surprises when I step out of the elevator. What I saw seemed like a factory with a few people inside. End of recall.

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