September 6, 2008

The Faceless Spirit Guide

After the meditation session fell asleep but with the possibility of astral projecting I affirmed that I will meet my spirit guide.

Eventually became aware of vibrations which was a lot more subtle than usual. Felt a buzzing sensation in my head. My vision was blurry at first but then I was able to make out a section of my bedroom and noticed I was sleeping on my side. I closed my eyes and in that instant a male figure with no facial features appeared before me. I took my time in trying to observe rather than freak out. The figure looked human with black wavy short hair except for the face which I think may have been distorted by my blurry vision and appeared to have no features.

My observations revealed that I was being observed, not by just one being. It seemed more of these beings filled up the space of wherever I was. They were sort of huddling behind the first figure I saw. I can't say what happened next since my recall ends there.

I've heard that when you meet your spirit guide you just know, without a shadow of doubt it's your spirit guide, the same goes for higher self. I'm not concluding that I met my spirit guide because honestly I don't know.


Mondo said...

How can people get access to your other blogs? They're invitation-only but there's no way to contact you. Or perhaps the request has to be made on another plane?

Jasmine said...

LOL, you don't have to go so far as to make a request on another plane, although that would be interesting if I could set up a contact point.

I've set my other blogs on private - so they're restricted for my viewing only. I have made just one post on each of those blogs except for the abraham hicks quotes blog.

I've neglected those blogs for so long that I've completely forgotten they exist.

You can now view the abraham-hicks blog.