September 16, 2008

Brain Massage

At 6:00 am this morning sleep was interrupted by an annoying external sound. I went to the toilet in an incredibly groggy state and by the time I got back to bed I felt more awakened. A short while later the grogginess returned and I found myself becoming conscious of falling asleep. As I entered deeper I remember wishing I could fall asleep like that forever.

I experienced mild buzzing sensations, these were different than the usual. It felt like something zapping my brain and sending waves of electric charges with audible sounds. I remember feeling it mostly on the left side. It was rather pleasant and felt like a nice brain massage.

A screen appeared,I observed it trying my best to focus on the writings. At the time I was able to read it, however now I can't recall much. I do recall that I became somewhat confused and as a result was losing consciousness.

I continued to focus on the screen in a sort of dreamy state until slowly I became completely aware and my consciousness sort of zoomed out of focus and sucked into an active scene. Here a man was arguing and it seemed I was hovering above him. I wonder now if he really was arguing because my recollection of it seems hazy.

I awakened about 40 mins later and was still incredibly groggy and the same brain massage returned. At that point I remembered everything with great clarity. I thought of grabbing my notebook and pen to jot down some quick notes before I forget everything. Unfortunately that did not work out and I fell into a really sleepy state where I had some vivid dreams.

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