May 17, 2009

Fragmented Recall

Time: 7:10am
Technique: WBTB (woke up at 6am)
Mood: Feeling deep sincere appreciation for life
Symptoms: spinning, floating, shrinking,
Goals: None

Before I relay this experience I want to point out that this was one of those types of experience where I know a lot more had transpired but my memory is limited to fragmented parts.

Experience #1: I didn't focus much on my breathing to help me relax in fact I was expecting to project easily without any effort on my part. My only task was to shift my position into one where I could find most comfort - somehow I always end up finding comfort lying down on my back.

I felt the floating sensation instantly and spun across the room towards the window, my vision was very clear. I was a little surprised with this manner of exit or entrance, depending on how you want to look at it. I think I was hoping to feel the sensation of energy surge at the crown of my head mostly because I preferred them as I've noticed when those symptoms are present the experiences are clearer, my awareness enhances to a greater degree and the feeling of awe being present.

Next to the window I began sinking downwards, my vision was still clear. The more I sank the bigger my room appeared it was like I was a particle of dust looking out at my incredibly magnified bedroom and this is not the first time.

At this stage I slip into different events and I can only remember 3 with enough clarity to describe them.

1. I'm in a dark room and my vision begins to fade. Suddenly I perceive to be stretching my arms and legs - I feel really dense. I become more aware of the denseness as the stretching increases to the point where I feel like I'm becoming big enough to hold an entire Universe in my hands. I also felt like my body being as dense as it was could rip apart if I continued stretching though there was no pain. End of recall.

2. I'm in a room that is dimly lit and immediately notice a young man on the floor. He is resting on his right arm holding a cigarette in his left hand and puffing away. He has a peaceful smile on his face. I stand there for quite some time observing and simply wondering why he's so happy. Suddenly I get an impulse to hug him. The impulse was so strong I almost acted on it until I realized just how much I disliked the smell of cigarettes. End of recall.

3. I'm walking down an unfamiliar street and observe a few buildings. Though I can't seem to recognize this place it feels so familiar. I try to go through my bank of physical memories and see if I could withdraw anything that fits. As I begin to do this I feel like a point of consciousness being carried with the wind. End of recall.

Returned to C-1 at about 8:20am at which time my recall of the experience was a lot clearer than it is right now. I decided to attempt again and had another experience: Superman.

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