May 17, 2009


Experience #2: A few minutes after the Fragmented Recall experience I closed my eyes and almost instantly felt my teeth chattering still aware of my phyisical surrounding. I certainly was not shivering since it was quite warm this morning.

My jaws opened up with a magnetic type force still shaking and stretching as if it would rip apart. I was not afraid instead my reaction was a reflex of clenching my mouth shut to avoid any further stretching. I guess I'm learning to accept that strange things happen when you delve deeper into other states of consciousness. Eventually my lower jaw began moving left and right without control on my part. I stopped resisting it - I think I have an idea on what's going on with these involuntary movements but I'll ponder that at a later time once I can determine that it is what I think it is.

I found myself suddenly coming into awareness in a new surrounding. I was in an a very antique style office. I wonder for a while where I am until I notice a blurry form on the window of a man who looks a lot like Christopher Reeve. I immediately realize that I'm not looking at another person but instead staring at the reflection of the form that I have assumed.

After this realization my awareness is filled with ideas of me being Superman - I wondered why not Superwoman? From this point my awareness is more semi-lucid but at the same time I'm aware of the fact that I'm not Superman and I remember my original identity of the person I am here (in the physical). I speed out the window fuelled with the idea that I'm Superman I find a hidden area where I change superfast into my alter ego. I fly out but stop immediately confused with my costume - I have a black cape. This confusion doesn't last long when my original persona (the physical me) comes more into awareness and realizes this is a place to explore - not to save the world. There were a few people but I can't recall them clearly.

I noticed beginning my exploration a wall of bricks surrounding what I percieved to be an entire town. I knew there had to be something more beyond this wall of bricks. I pierced through this barrier with my awareness enhancing to more clarity. Here I percieved a great hall of people doing all manner of things, from building things to just passing by. I noticed a truck on one side. It was like being in a massive factory. There was really nothing interesting about this place other than my level of awareness that seemed fully present.

Returned to C-1 at about 9:15am.

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