June 5, 2009

Astral Arms

Time: 7am
Technique: WBTB (woke up at 4:45am), listened to 'Develop a Powerful Memory' hypnosis by Glenn Harrold
Mood: Calm
Symptoms: None
Goals: None

Before this experience I had a question in my mind, something that just suddenly unraveled. I wondered if I had actually lived all those years of my life that is perceived as the past or whether I had just arrived with the memory of those years.

Experience: It first began with some very lucid dreams, they were brief. I would find myself in unfamiliar places realizing that I was dreaming.

Eventually I ended up where I started - in bed. I couldn't see that I was in bed but I perceived that I was still in bed looking out into a large screen that covered my entire field of vision. There was a desert with a woman coming out of a car. She had blonde hair and was wearing a denim jacket and black trousers. I recognized her to be the character Allison Dubois from my favourite TV show Medium. Soon some more short clips unraveled and it seemed like they were from the actual show but I couldn't pinpoint which episodes they were. It wasn't long before I thought how amazing it would be if I could watch the new episodes that have not yet been broadcasted and most likely not even produced yet.

I had lost the perception of being in bed at this point almost as if I was now in these scenes that were flashing by.

Soon I found myself in a familiar place, a familiar memory and at that point I knew I was living some past memory. I can't seem to recall the memory right now only that at the time I tried my very best to memorize it.

The perception of being in bed came back, I noticed a few images in front of me. There was a picture of a green plant with the word touch written underneath. There were more images and more writing but they were not as vivid as the plant. Then I sensed my arms stretching out and then coming in front of me side by side. Both hands in a fist. I couldn't see my arms and hands but knew they were in front of me. They felt very solid I had to question whether I was physically moving them or not. Then I felt my thumbs uncurling followed by the rest of my fingers - one by one in pairs. The motion was very uncontrolled but knowing these movements were benign I went with it.

My arms stretched out again at which point I slowly sensed my actual physical arms, my hands were on my chest - right hand on top of the left. My left astral arm folded onto my chest aligning with my physical left arm followed by my right astral arm folding and aligning with my physical right arm. Almost instantly I opened my eyes and felt my hands on my chest in the exact position I percieved a few seconds ago. Returned to C-1 at 7:15am

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