June 15, 2009

Focus 12 progress

One Month Patterning
Practiced the exercise from One Month Patterning about three times with audio – In the first 2 sessions I had lost consciousness at the point where I’m supposed to think, feel, or imagine the physical, mental or emotional desired pattern. The loss of consciousness was like clicking-out but not quite – in both instances I regained consciousness during the end of the track and felt like I was slowly waking up from a deep sleep. I noticed that I was smiling which was not something I did consciously – there was some positive emotion of excitement and joy present – I felt like laughing, but then wondered why which I believe disconnected me from that state.

In the third session I did not experience this pleasant state and I think it was because I was making an effort in remaining conscious throughout the exercise. I’m starting to think even if I am not conscious enough to follow the instructions perhaps I am doing it on a more unconscious/ subconscious level. However, I would like to be more conscious of the states that I enter and be more conscious of the process involved.

I will continue to practice the One Month Patterning exercise now and then. My main goal is to get into a more enhanced state of Focus 12 so that I am able to use these tools more effectively.

I have moved on to the following exercise, 'Threshold #4 - Color Breathing' and I will share my experience with this soon.

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