June 23, 2009

Street Roaming

Time: 7:15am
Technique: WBTB (woke up at 5am - listened to hemi-sync & during exercise felt heart & throat chakra sensations)
Mood: Calm
Symptoms: fluttering eyelids, vibrations in head, floating of consciousness, speedy movement
Goals: None

As I turn to my left side, very relaxed I could feel the oncoming of the vibrations. There's a slight physical distraction - I could hear my nephew in the next room crying and almost get up to check on him but refrain from any movement knowing his mother is there.

I close my eyes and my eyelids begin to flutter as the vibrations start to erupt in my head. Now I just notice my bed and the wall and begin to turn slowly anticlockwise - I think I'm heading for the window, since in cases like this that seems to be the routine.

Much to my surprise I head in the other direction towards the room next to mine. I can clearly see my bed but I'm moving so fast that my thoughts have slowed down and I don't even think to see if my body is where I left it.

I'm moving backwards and should I move back any further I would be entering the other room, but I don't. It's like I'm in the same spot with the sensation of moving backwards or my room is stretching. Suddenly I sink with blindness, however I can still feel that I am moving. I can even feel the direction I'm moving in now which is forward.

My vision returns, I'm swooshing across in a large dim living room - there's a large window across the room and I know I'm heading in that direction. As I go through the window blindness returns, but the sensation of moving is present. My vision slowly once again returns. I'm somewhere in a field, it is broad daylight, a nice sunny day. There are different types of vehicles parked. I notice a small cabin, there are bench tables. I can see groups of people about and think I'm in some camp site. Now I'm swooshing by even faster, feeling like a point of consciousness. I seem to have no control of the movement or I'm just so used to not trying to control it. I feel like I'm being carried by the wind, it is a really pleasant feeling.

I've somehow ended up in a street - my vision a lot clearer. I can see groups of people and others just walking by. I focus on a woman wearing a head scarf and suddenly I feel more dense now like I just got inside a body. I can't help but think I've just occupied a body that belongs to someone else. I'm adjusting to ordinary movement but my walking is a little sluggish. I walk up to the woman, excited I ask her for her name. Miraculously she replies although she isn't facing me so I can't tell if her mouth is moving - I think I heard her say something like 'Eku'.

I look up at the buildings and my surroundings wondering where I am, I ask the woman but she starts to walk off.

I spot an elderly woman and approach her hoping she could tell me where I am, but funnily enough she seems to be walking faster than me. Now I think there's no point - I'll have to just look about. Finally I find a street sign that reads 'Lea' a bit short and very easy to remember but there are other small letters I have a hard time focusing on. I feel like I can't stop and pause for too long - vision is getting a bit hazy so I walk on trying to speed up taking in as much as I can.

I can see a bus stop, a lot like the ones in London but a bit older looking. I stop to look for clues but again vision starts to get hazy. I simply continue to walk on.

I observe a variety of buildings. I don't bother to look inside these buildings as I'm focused on the signs. I look up at the signs hoping to see the names of these buildings and any clues (street number, name, telephone numbers anything verifiable). Some I suppose are shops. I notice a particular name 'Vepa' which seems familiar then I notice another name 'Cop' ending with a heart symbol.

I suddenly feel like I'm about to lose consciousness. I need to get up and quickly note down this experience before I forget it completely and with that final thought I return to C-1 at 7:35am.

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