June 21, 2009

False Awakening to Reality

I have been experiencing a lot of SP lately during my attempts to AP.

This morning I attempted at 6am but within a few minutes fell asleep. Woke up at 7:30 and decided to try again. I had to focus on relaxing. I felt my face was incredibly tense, especially my eyelids which were tightly sealed causing wrinkles so I let them relax then let my jaw hang loose focusing on the rhythm of my breathing.

Once completely relaxed I almost immediately found myself in the SP state - I'm never really sure what to do during these states other than try to move but I refrained from forcing any movement hoping that eventually it will lead to an AP.

I woke up and felt the sensation of my earphones plugged in my ears. This was strange as I couldn't recall putting on my mp3 player last night. I briefly thought maybe I'm just slightly disoriented since I had just woken up. Eyes closed, still sleepy I reached out to grab the mp3 player on the left side of the bed feeling for it. As I brought it closer to view what I last listened to I was shocked into alertness. I could not see my arms, my hands nor the device that I thought I was holding. However, the bed was visible, my room still existed except for my body. I could feel the sensation of moving my arms. It wasn't long till panic set in. Soon enough I continued having a few more false awakenings each time thinking I had awakened until finally I really woke up at 9am - funnily enough the only time that I decided to do a reality check.

FAs are really interesting and they are usually incredibly vivid. I think they go by unnoticed simply because in the context in which they unfold - in a very familiar physical format. They replicate the physical almost completely and the belief that you have woken up is just as present as when you really do wake up. Perhaps this is why it is easy to be fooled by them and therefore harder to notice the slight variations. Even when sometimes the variable is a missing arm or two it is still a little tricky to realize you're having a false awakening. They don't occur regularly and most likely why I can't seem to recognize it when I'm having one.

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ObscuriaGothicShop said...

As you rightfully mentioned, sleep paralysis and false awakening seem to occur together. The paralysis stage can be very scary, especially when no amount of effort causes you to move. The easiest way to circumvent this I think it to close your eyes again and focus on a vivid scene you'd like to step into, or picture energy movements up and down your body to try and break the paralysis.

The vividness of false awakenings have led me to many a scare.. wondering..hmm "why is my girlfriend home and getting into bed with me at this time of day?", only to soon realize the predicament I found myself in.