July 26, 2008


Yesterday I was feeling very emotionally distressed mostly because I was clamoring over a situation that seems ridiculous right now.

I decided to distract myself. I was lying down listening to music when suddenly I found myself in a state of meditation. No thoughts or sounds were heard and my hands were moving involuntarily together in a clapping motion. A smile formed on my face again involuntarily and as I returned to normal waking consciousness I felt really good. I released a lot of resistance within 10 minutes.

I've also noticed lately since practicing meditation more often and combining that with hemi-sync I have been experiencing spasms in muscles around different parts of my body. Also my eyelids have been twitching - although fortunately now that is slowly diminishing. This happens when I'm awake and not in meditation.

Anyways, last night for the second time listening to music before falling asleep I again went into a state of meditation and felt a squeeze of clogged up energy in my head - couldn't handle it so I turned off the music and decided to fall asleep. Closed my eyes and it was dark as usual until slowly a light was shining over this darkness. It seemed like the sun was rising - getting brighter and brighter. I opened my eyes to double check and closed them again, immediately it was getting bright. I must have fell asleep after that since I can't recall what happened next.

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