July 5, 2008


I have been listening to various hypnosis programs by Paul McKenna and so far having good results with them. At first my body would suddenly jolt and my arms kept moving. Now I easily get into a deep trance state and when I return to normal consciousness I do remember becoming aware at certain points. I also had the experience of 'clicking out' a few times.

The hypnosis programs I've been listening to use the Hemi-Sync process so it's no surprise at all that I'm having similar side-effects such as a pressure on my head and sensations between my brows and electric sensations around my body. I do however think these sensations are more to do with relaxing deeper since I've had the same sensations in meditation. The difference between hypnosis and meditation is that hypnosis feeds your unconscious mind with positive suggestions (mostly for specific areas of your life or to change certain habits) once you are in that trance state. Meditation is more like getting to your unconscious mind and allowing it to be super conscious.

What I find really fascinating is hypnotizing others. I've been watching clips on youtube of hypnotist Tom Silver, Paul McKenna, Peter Powers and other expert hypnotists performing what seems like magic on others. I have to say I am totally mesmerised.

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