January 7, 2010

Drill #5

Early morning woke up from pelvic movement which slowly stopped as I started becoming aware of it. Was too groggy to wonder why that happened so I let my head fall back on the pillow. The drill in the back of my head did not alarm me, it was slow and had impacted gradually. I was able to lift my head up and tried to resist this by turning over on my back, I just wanted to sleep. I realized as I moved that I could cause some damage by making these sudden movements so I remained still and just let it carry on.

When the drill started to slow down, sensations calming, my entire body, especially my back was in extreme amount of pain. I faded out of this pain into a very vivid dream state. I was dreaming about a talk show with two female presenters. They were discussing spiritual stuff I can't recall but one part I significantly remember is when one of the presenter was introducing a new singer, she sings a song and performs a snake like dance. There is also another dancer in the background. I watch the act and think 'Well, this is something that's not gonna sell'. Then I became mesmerised by the words and realized the purpose of this song was not to make it sell. I can't recall the words but at the time it felt like I needed to pay attention.

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