January 14, 2010

Lost In Translation

I woke up at 3:15am - about 5am tried to relax and fall asleep without any intention for projecting in any way.

Within a few minutes I could sense something was heading my way - the sensations were at first so unusual I can't really describe it and where it started. I was encapsulated by this energy - it was becoming extremely concentrated in my head. There was some light vibration in my teeth - they were buzzing. I sensed it was definitely a reaction from this energy. As the energy seemed to slow down I could feel the movement of my teeth changing. Eventually this buzzing converted into chewing which suggests that either the energy was balancing or just slowing down.

Suddenly I find myself in another room - I walk around and end up at a reception. Behind the desk is a man who looks at me smiling. I smile back realizing we're speaking in a completely different language. We're using the language of facial expressions, mostly just smiling. Though I understand it I'm still a little confused. He responds with a smile telling me to go to the next reception desk as the person there speaks English. This second reception is to the left - there I am greeted by a young man who suddenly in mid conversation disappears. He seems to be the only one talking as I am too busy trying to figure out why he's suddenly invisible which caused me to pay very little attention to what was said. Can't recall much after this.

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