January 29, 2010

Messages In A Dream

This morning I dreamt about a lot of stuff, but became aware in one particular dream.

It began with a large room filled with people, there is a piece of paper where everyone present is required to sign. There is something special about signing this paper and I'm really looking forward to get my turn. There are two friends next to me, after they sign I am the last person left. I hold the pen ready to sign but there is no space left. I am agitated that my friends would do this almost as if they intentionally wanted to leave me out. I am incredibly angry, finding a scrap piece of paper I begin to write my name in a bold classical type font. At first I write vertically and correct my mistake by writing horizontally.

As I write the letters of my name I get lost - almost zoned out. This state is trance like, a bit of my waking consciousness begins to emerge and I try to fix some letters. I can hear a background voice getting more audible. The voice is repeating the same sentence over and over again like a broken record - with each repetition a certain strength is added. The effect is a complete awareness at which point I hear the voice clearly speaking to me in a gentle rhythmic tone.

"Five years ago something happened to alter the course of history. Your understanding of this is paramount - now, pay attention..."

I became aware of plants surrounding me. Images began to flash illustrating certain activities, unfortunately as I awoke I could not appreciate a full recall of this. In fact whatever that image was, is now just completely incomprehensible to me. I wonder if this was a contact with Angels as I have read that dream is one of the many ways they communicate with us.

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