January 31, 2010

Astral Death and Incidents

Attempted AP at 6:30am with no specific intention but I was thinking a little about making a trip to Source/God/Creator whatever label you want to apply.

There were about 5 areoplanes passing by - seriously annoying. As I entered a deeper relaxed state my ears had a wooshing airy sensation. I managed to get out, through the garden I was floating up towards the dark sky. Looked down, there was a black cat staring at me with an unusual expression. I read it as a 'farewell'. The look on the cat was definitely an omen. Everything felt really unusual and suddenly it dawned on me that I was in the process of dying. I kept getting this feeling that something was wrong with my physical body. I remember clearly thinking "Whoa I don't want to die. So many unfulfilled dreams."

Despite these thoughts I was calm and composed I thought of my precious body - that is usually enough to get back only this time I was shooting faster deeper into space. Started to feel a little desperate. It was pitch black, suddenly became aware of a wave of energy at the crown of my head flowing outwards down to my neck. My brain was a wobbling mass of jelly. A pressure was squishing my head causing a crushing pain. Wondering where I was I peeped open my right eye looking at the surroundings of my room. The pain did not concern me since I was glad to be back. I tried to raise my head when the wave of energy came to a halt.

My head felt like it weighed tons - I was exhausted and rested my head to get some much needed sleep. There were too many different incidents that took place after this until 9am.

One incident my upper body was raised up (in the physical) with a hissing sound escaping my mouth.

In another incident I found myself being guided around a piece of land. I came upon a tree, with luscious illuminating beautiful leaves. I touch the leaves looking out into the vast fields of land in awe, imagining everything that I can create in this already beautiful space. I can feel a presence next to me but my mind is so preoccupied I don't think to observe it - besides it seems like it's invisible. With the beginning of a heavy rainfall a male voice began to speak. "The only downside to this land is that it has a propensity to create a lot of mould." I thought that maybe that could change, it was of little concern. This incident is particularly interesting as one of my recent intention to manifest has been to aqcuire a piece of land which I could cultivate, ever since then I have been having a lot of vivid nature dreams.

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Forest Goblin said...

Interesting experiences. I don't think you were actually dying but who knows? Perhaps it was a way for your higher self to get you motivated to work on some of your goals.