January 26, 2010

Seeing Electrical Sparks and Advice on Abilities

For almost over a month, I've noticed while I take any cardigan off it is accompanied by loud static sounds - it doesn't matter how long I wear it but the static is always there. Another thing that would also consistently take place is a visible pale blue flashing light.

This morning at 5:30am after getting in my room with lights off I took my cardigan off which I had only worn for maybe less than 5 minutes and once again there was a flashing bright light that disappeared quickly. The crackling sounds were very loud and continued as I moved it about trying to catch another glimpse of this brilliant spark.

I ran my fingers across the cardigan - there were strokes and flashes of that pale blue bright light. Before me was a spectacular lightning fiesta, though it was amazing I knew I was starting to freak out a little, so I put it down and got in bed.

I attempted to AP, found it difficult to relax but by 6:30am I was feeling light. In a deep relaxed state my right ear started to vibrate making an incredible amount of noise - buzzing and gushing sounds. My focus on it caused it to accelerate. Suddenly a black screen appeared before me - there was some writing which was hard to read since it was grey on a black background. Anyways, I focused and read a bit recognizing that this was some kind of information regarding astral projection and other abilities written in a question and answer format. The part I can remember clearly was regarding 'beliefs'. Here's what I managed to capture:

'A belief in these abilities is not essential - it is more important to remain open and willing so that the beliefs that you do hold do not stop you from realizing your abilities'.

Okay, this much I've sort of figured out after having many experiences with manifesting, changing beliefs or trying to let go of them completely. I really would've liked to remember everything that was written, but it is difficult to read something like this in that state let alone remember it or maybe that's just a belief.

There was an external distraction, got up and back in bed - right ear vibrated again, body felt incredibly light and started to float a tiny bit - I felt this happening physically. Possibly levitating once more. I wanted to go higher up but again due to external distraction ended it by opening eyes.

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